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Electronic Flight Bags

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ADR Florida has been in the Electronic Flight Bag industry since we pioneered it with Flight Options in 1998. Our line of ADR Florida EFBs is extensive and we have an EFB for every need.


Mounted EFB

ADR Florida has developed mounting solutions for many different planes and to fit most of our EFBs. We also have STC kits available for a limited number of aircraft with more to come later this year.



Don't be surprised anymore. With a satellite weather system you will always know what's coming and how to get around it.



Expand on the capabilities of any EFB with our aviation grade accessories.

Why ADR Florida

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Find out more about ADR Florida and why our EFBs are superior to all other EFBs on the market.

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See the latest press releases and headlines about Advanced Data Research Florida

Support & Downloads


ADR Florida has an excellent support staff and we can help you with almost any problem you may be having, whether it's with our EFB, Jeppesen, Windows, or something else.

FAA/JAA Electronic Flight Bag Regulations

FAA - Electronic Flight Bag Advisory Circular Update AC120-76A! (3/17/03)

FAA - Part 91 Advisory Circular AC91-78 (7/20/07)

JAA - Administrative & Guidance Material TGL-36 (6/04)

FAA - 8900 EFB Guidance (2/5/09)

Recent FAA Memo Regarding Lithium Batteries

The recent FAA memo posted on AIN is not new guidance requiring action by EFB operators at this time. It is an undated draft memo that has been put out for public comment. ADR is aware that there is a lot of confusion regarding this document and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact EFB Sales via e-mail or phone. Check back here for any updates regarding this memo.

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