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Electronic Flight Bag

Electronic Flight Bag

Advanced Data Research Florida (ADR Florida) is the industry leader in Electronic Flight Bags

 FG-3667 LT-45(J) has been replaced by FG-7667 LT-46(L)

Market Research and Mobile Data Collection

Advanced Data Research Florida (ADR Florida) has split its website from its affiliate Advanced Boca Raton (ABR). Please visit http://www.AdvancedBoca.com for market research, mobile data collection, and mobile computing.

Advanced Data Research Florida

Founded in 1990, Advanced Data Research Florida, Inc. has been pioneering pen based computing applications and hardware solutions for many Fortune 500 companies. ADR Florida has provided automotive manufacturers with advanced product survey development and technology for more than fourteen years. ADR Florida introduced the first commercially based Electronic Flight Bag as a vehicle for the emerging digital applications in aviation charting and is still the leading provider of Electronic Flight Bags today. ADR Florida has provided engineering groups with advanced field survey development and technology for more than seven years. ADR Florida has also provided manufacturing error proofing solutions including a corporate worldwide license for a Fortune 100 company.


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